TPS join consortium to support a Low-Carbon future through Vehicle-to-Grid system – Let’s turn car parks into power stations!

Smart Hubs vehicle-to-grid system

Left to right: Dr. Nigel Jakeman – TPS Engineering & Business Development Director, and Dr. Neal Wade – Newcastle University Lecturer in Power Systems

Turbo Power Systems (TPS) has joined forces in a national consortium which includes our North-East-based neighbours – University of Newcastle, aiming to deliver an exciting new project called Smart Hubs. The term “Smart Hubs” refers to a car park installation comprising Solar Photovoltaic Canopies, Electric Vehicle Charge Points and Energy Storage. These are all inter-connected with the electric grid using Smart Power Electronic Devices to intelligently manage energy demand and supply.

There are multiple factors that will drive the need for smarter electricity management in the distribution network of tomorrow. A few examples of such factors are: the increasing penetration of Renewable Energy generators, such as Solar Photovoltaics, and the anticipated move to Electric Vehicles (EV), as we strive to achieve the challenging goals of the UK to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

The Smart Hub has been conceived as one such method to facilitate the integration of Low Carbon Technologies into the Distribution Network of tomorrow. The project will focus on developing a Smart Hub to support practical installation of Electric Vehicle charge point (7-300kW/unit) clusters. It will be designed for infrastructure companies that are servicing the public, but also for the private sector.

The global market for Electric Vehicle infrastructure is expected to see an annual growth rate of over 27% during 2016-2026. Additionally, integration of EV with the distribution network is projected to contribute to electricity network supply capacity, whilst helping replace the network inertia lost with the switch from centralised generation to decentralised generation from renewables. This principle is called Vehicle-to-Grid and will see the vehicle generate electricity back into the grid at times of need. Moreover, Smart Hubs will facilitate power trading for electric vehicle owners to provide two-way fiscal benefits.

The project seeks to combine three technology streams that are currently hindered by cost barriers: Solar Power, EV charging and Battery based Energy Storage. Through integration into a Smart Hub, the infrastructure costs are shared and reduced due to the creation of an interconnected DC distribution network. Smart Hubs provide an intelligent and secure power supply for EV transport by utilising distributed renewable generation at source for charging of Electric Vehicles.

This project supports the government’s targets for decarbonizing energy supply and transportation systems by enabling cost-efficient deployment of Low Carbon Technologies through smart integration and energy management technologies.

Dr. Nigel Jakeman, TPS Engineering & Business Development Director, commented:

“We’re delighted to be a part of this project in which Smart Hubs will demonstrate the integration of Low Carbon Technologies into the distribution network in an intelligent and efficient manner. We look forward to working with our collaborators, including our local partner, Newcastle University, to deliver this enabling technology. The benefits of this project will be three-fold to reduce and secure energy costs, enable practical integration of Electric Vehicles and to help strengthen the resilience of our electricity distribution network for the future security of our supply.”

Dr. Neal Wade, Lecturer in Power Systems at Newcastle University, mentioned:

“In the Smart Hubs project we are using the world class power system modelling and laboratory facilities at Newcastle University to demonstrate and generalise this DC microgrid concept. Building on our expertise in Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Integration and Electric Vehicle Charging we will work with the project partners to show the potential for this novel solution. We are delighted to be working on this nationally important project with our local partner Turbo Power Systems as part of our portfolio of Energy Systems research.”


For further information, please contact:

Nigel Jakeman, Engineering & Business Development Director

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Two awards taken home by TPS at UKRIA 2018!

We are extremely happy to share that we have been awarded twice for our Static Converter at the UK Rail Industry Awards ceremony (UKRIA) upon being shortlisted in 5 categories! This is the second time TPS have won in the Traction & Rolling Stock category, however this year we were selected as winners for Cost Base Reduction as well. The event took place at Battersea Evolution, London on 22nd March 2018.

TPS have won amongst impressive competitors that have also provided truly remarkable solutions. This demonstrates that our experience and capabilities are indeed outstanding and that our expertise allows us to offer highly reliable power conversion solutions to the rolling stock industry.

We have received two awards this year due to our efficient and reliable Static Converter which replaces the Motor Alternator (MA) equipment installed in loco-hauled coaches and trains powered through Thirdrail. Our innovative Power Supply can increase energy efficiency, provide substantial savings to the train operator and could lead to energy savings of over 4kW per journey compared to a motor alternator (MA) set. The Static Converter uses the existing mounting arrangement thus minimising conversion costs and provides a modern electronic MA replacement fully compliant with all rolling stock and network rail standards.

Please refer to link below for additional information on the product:

Datasheet: Static Converter – MA replacement

TPS would like to thank Chiltern Railways for their confidence and support in winning these prestigious awards:

UK Rail Industry Awards trophies for TPS

TPS prides itself in offering highly reliable, lighter and efficient power conversion solutions to the global rolling stock industry. Rail operators and fleet owners are always looking for ways to minimise maintenance costs, increase system efficiency, improve power density and increase fleet availability and reliability. TPS has developed a suite of unique solutions for the ageing UK rolling stock, which provides all the aforementioned benefits at a value added price.

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