Since the formation of our company we have strived to utilise the latest innovations in our end products.


We work closely with our supply chains to identify and source the next generation components. An example is the use of silicon carbide (SiCs), which has allowed us to develop world class products. This gives our customers a competitive advantage in their own markets. We look through your design and component specifications, to offer the best tailored products within the application areas.

TPS Technology Differentiators

  • Our permanent magnet motors and generators use rare earth magnets, such as Neodymium Boron Iron or Samarium Cobalt depending on the environmental conditions. NdBFe is used in normal operating conditions where temperatures permit typically 125 to 150 degrees Celsius. SmCo is often used in conditions where temperatures exceed 150. They can work in temperatures greater than 300 degrees Celsius.
  • Our high speed machines utilise specialised materials that are cost effective, to overcome the technical challenges that arise. These include high performance magnet retention systems, high frequency stator components and appropriate bearing technologies such as hydrostatic and active magnetic bearings. In addition, to achieve high power densities good thermal management is essential. These are carefully designed for and accommodated in our products.
  • For our power electronic solutions, we carefully combine the elements required to produce high efficiency, highly reliable, cost effective products. Take a look at our award winning static converter technology for rail cars, that can deliver over £1 million saving to the fleet operator.
  • In collaboration with UK Power Networks, X and X, we invented the 2-PED and 3-PED Inverter solutions. They enable the creation of Soft Open Points on the Low Voltage Distribution Network, to achieve a network that meets the needs of our low carbon future. These concepts were awarded the ‘2015 UK Energy Innovation Award’, you can read more about this here.

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