Our story begins back in 1986 at Imperial College, London where Professor Colin Besant and his team representing Turbo Genset were developing patented axial flux technology for use in high speed generators.


Many years later, Turbo Genset acquired Intelligent Power Systems to provide the power electronics for the company’s generator systems as well as to expand its power electronics technology into the rail industry. This was also the birth of Turbo Power Systems, an amalgamation and collaboration of the two companies. Not long after, TPS acquired a Rolls Royce Industrial Control Unit and along with it came a team of highly experienced engineers and technicians, as well as a pedigree going back to 1969.

This fusion of engineers strengthened the company increasing our ability to customise products to your specific requirements.

In 2010, Vale Soluções em Energia (VSE) a Brazilian energy company made a significant investment in TPS and became its major shareholder. This has further increased our worldwide presence and means that we can offer our solutions from cradle to grave to any of our global clients.

In March 2017, the management team lead a buyout of the VSE holdings. This allowed TPS to follow a proactive independent strategy.

To date, TPS has a proven and worldwide track record in the development and deployment of equipment in many sectors, including; Transport, Industrial, Energy and Defence.

We aim to be your go-to electrical system solutions provider and would love the next chapter of our story to include you…