Turbo Power Systems (TPS) is an innovative and progressive technology company, with that in mind, it only seems right that the TPS brand must continue to develop too.

Innovation & Ingenuity in an Icon

The decision was made to incorporate an icon into the company’s logo, whilst maintaining the traditional TPS colour scheme and font family. To reflect the mission and vision of the company, the ‘Magnified Maze’ was introduced.

The Magnified Maze_TPS Logo                                                                                                  

The Magnified Maze

The ‘Magnified Maze’ takes into account the different perspectives of its audience as you can see in the rationale below.

  • Customer Perspective:- A maze with TPS at the centre depicts an intelligent and smarter way to approach customer’s challenges. The icon also symbolises a magnifying glass and this showcases the culture of the company to its customers – which is to discover the best solution (that can only be revealed by TPS).
  • Technical Perspective:- TPS powers its customers through the design of innovative technology using circuits, the nodes depict this and therefore showcases the overall sector it operates in – engineering. Four nodes have been chosen to highlight that TPS offer its products to four different markets. With TPS at the centre it shows that TPS choose the most effective way to approach design constraints and thus strive for an efficient circuit.
  • Vision Perspective:- The magnified maze with TPS at the centre shows that we are able to solve some of the most complex challenges in the electrical power projects retaining the title of customer’s first choice. This is because our experience is shown with each ring, just like age is shown in the rings of a tree.
  • Mission Perspective:- As TPS is at the centre of the magnified maze this shows that TPS know the right path to take for complex requirements to achieve optimum efficiency, reinforcing the mission.


Powering Intelligent Solutions

A new strapline ‘Powering Intelligent Solutions’ has been chosen in colloboration with all TPS employees and the final decision on wording was made by Senior Management within the available options. This aims to showcase the technological capability of the company and provides an overall idea to its audience that it can develop many power related products through the word ‘solutions’. ‘Intelligent’ refers to the highly talented staff at TPS, who are the backbone behind all of TPS’ activities, and this therefore shows why intelligent is centrally positioned – there would be no power solutions without them. In addition, the strapline highlights that TPS not only create intelligent power solutions, but also that the company powers their customers intelligent solutions with TPS technology.

The TPS team love the new logo and strapline combination and this is now being implemented across the company. If you have any feedback or queries then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.