TPS Appointed as Project Partner in Joint Venture to Create a Smart Network of Rapid EV Charging Hubs

Turbo Power Systems Ltd (TPS) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Ricardo Energy & Environment, Western Power Distribution, Electricity North West and Vectos for the demonstration of a novel, smart DC network of rapid Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers as part of an Ofgem funded program called DC Share.

TPS will supply their innovative Silicon Carbide based Smart Grid Tied Inverters (SGTI), which will be connected to multiple sub-stations, creating an interconnected DC network between the SGTIs. This, in itself, will enable power balancing between unequally loaded sub-stations to generate additional capacity in the low voltage electricity distribution network.

The resulting DC network creates the opportunity to connect multiple rapid vehicle chargers with minimal impact to the existing AC distribution network. Supporting multiple high-power vehicle chargers using DC Share enables the resulting load on each sub-station to be equalised, further maximising available capacity whilst minimising losses on the distribution network. TPS will, therefore, also develop and demonstrate unique 50kW and 100kW rapid chargers that can connect to the DC network as part of DC Share.

A further benefit of such an approach is to reduce the number of conversions on the charger, and hence improve the efficiency.  Ultimately, DC Share provides a cost effective and more efficient alternative, both at the network and on the charger level, for installing localised clusters of high power rapid EV chargers particularly in densely populated urban areas.

This project comes as part of the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy which sets out the importance of accelerating the shift to Low Carbon Transport with one of its key aims being to “Develop one of the best EV charging networks in the world” alongside the policy of ending the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel engine cars and vans by 2040.

Currently there are approximately 200,000 EV’s on the roads which equates to approximately 0.5% of vehicles in the UK; in order to meet the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy targets it is essential that the EV charging infrastructure across the UK is heavily invested in to make the targets achievable. Provision of accessible rapid charging facilities is key to the consumer uptake of an EV; users must be able to charge their EVs in a manner that is at least as convenient as current refuelling methods.

DC Share will make best use of existing assets to provide rapid EV charging facilities and network equalisation; the developed technology will use the latent capacity between adjacent sub-stations with different load profiles, some with commercial profiles and some domestic profiles, to provide capacity for EV charging from the most appropriate location. DC Share will facilitate the fast and flexible connection of high-power charging points for EVs and support future Low Carbon Technology (LCT) demands, and the network design makes use of the diversity of charging load to provide greater capacity than equivalent solutions.

Nigel Jakeman, Engineering and Business Development Director at TPS comments, “Providing a network for low carbon transport is one of the most pressing issues we face as an industry at this time. As a forward-thinking technology innovator, we have an obligation to contribute to the success of the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy target and so we are delighted to be working on this ground-breaking programme alongside our partners.

“The current focus for companies operating within both the energy and the automotive industry is understanding how we make owning an EV more attractive to the consumer. By implementing rapid EV charging stations, we are minimising the day-to-day impact this transition will potentially have on drivers. Charging an EV at a rapid charge point will be just like pulling up to a petrol station, by drawing latent capacity across multiple sub-stations the driver will be able to charge their EV within minutes. We truly believe that this technology will change the perception of owning an EV for the better.”

TPS Win Contract to Supply Ultra-Efficient Permanent Magnetic Generators to Anax Power

Turbo Power Systems Ltd (TPS) are delighted to announce that they have signed a contract with US-based, Anax Power (Anax) for the design, manufacture, test and supply of high speed, Permanent Magnetic Generators that utilise active magnetic bearings.

Drawing on their impressive and successful track record, TPS have designed a bespoke high-speed generator for integration with the Anax Turboexpander (ATE). The ATE is a packaged turbine designed to generate electrical power from the flow and pressure let-down of natural gas at pressure regulating stations. The resulting system generates clean, distributed power that can be used on-site, sold to the electricity grid, or utilised in a variety of remote-power applications.

The TPS Permanent Magnetic Generators offer elite power conversion efficiency, and its high-power density enables a lightweight, compact system design. The robust Permanent Magnetic Generators use active magnetic bearings to enable high-speed, high-reliability operation with a low maintenance requirement due to the contactless nature of the magnetic bearings. This configuration enables seamless integration with the Anax Turboexpander across a wide range of pressure let down opportunities which is critical to Anax’s value proposition.

Nigel Jakeman, Engineering and Business Development Director at TPS comments, “We are thrilled to be working with Anax on this exciting and ground-breaking program; we have been working toward providing a suitable and robust technical solution to meet their challenging requirements for some time. As we move forward, energy efficiency continues to be one of the most pressing issues we face as an industry and our focus is to understand how we can improve and innovate our current and future products to be more energy efficient and provide both the fiscal and carbon saving solutions that our customers require. We look forward to delivering this novel generator solution and in doing so developing a mutually prosperous relationship with Anax.”

TPS will deliver this project from their impressive 50,000sq. ft. manufacturing facility based at their headquarters in Gateshead, UK.

TPS Win Award for ‘Best DSO Enabling Project’ at UKEI Awards 2019

Last night, Turbo Power Systems Ltd (TPS) were crowned victorious at the UK Energy Innovation (UKEI) Awards in the ‘Best DSO Enabling Project’ category, recognising TPS’s innovative bi-directional power converters for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) applications.

Held at the prestigious Titanic Hotel in Liverpool, the event brings together over 300 key players from the energy sector to celebrate recent technologies and projects that are advancing the transformation of the energy landscape.

This cutting edge and unique bi-directional system from TPS is capable of interconnecting Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, battery storage, PV solar cells, and the national grid within a public or private car parking area. These power converters will allow capacity sharing between the aforementioned energy sources and the grid in both directions. This V2G system supports the reinforcement of the distribution network whilst maximising the benefits and incentives to both consumers and Distribution System Operators (DSO) alike.

Carlos Neves, Chief Executive Officer at TPS comments, “We are delighted to have won such a recognised award for our bi-directional power converters. This innovative technology will facilitate the integration of Low Carbon Technologies into the electricity distribution network, while minimising their impact on the ageing network infrastructure. This development is part of TPS’ strategy to support the 2050 energy targets for greenhouse gases reductions while also increasing competitiveness and security of supply through the introduction of innovative power electronics solutions on the energy space. Our teams have been working extremely hard to develop this concept, so I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of them for this wonderful achievement.”

We’ve been shortlisted at the UK Energy Innovation Awards!

TPS shortlisted in 2 categories at UK Energy Innovation Awards 2019

Our ground-breaking EV charger converters have made it into the final round at UK Energy Innovation Awards (UKEIA) 2019!

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected as finalists in 2 categories at the prestigious UK Energy Innovation Awards:

  • Best Innovation – Electricity
  • Best DSO Enabling Project

The event will take place on Thursday 26 September 2019 at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool. 

We have received this recognition due to our new bi-directional power converters designed for a proposed smart system that which will enable Electric Vehicles (EV) to give power back to the National Grid. These converters will facilitate the integration of Low Carbon Technologies into the distribution network, while minimising their impact on the ageing network infrastructure.

This unique system interconnects EV charging stations, battery storage, PV solar cells and our power converters within a public car parking area. TPS’s latest generation power converters will allow capacity sharing between the above-mentioned energy sources. This Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) system would support the reinforcement of the distribution network whilst maximising the benefits and incentives to both consumers and Distribution System Operators alike.

About UK Energy Innovation Awards:

The prestigious event brings together over 300 key players from the energy sector to celebrate recent technologies and projects that are advancing the transformation of our energy landscape. UKEIA is returning this year with 12 new categories that reflect the rapidly changing industry. The event has become an unmissable opportunity for SMEs and high-growth innovative businesses to showcase their energy innovations and to promote their skills and technologies.

Don’t forget to book your tickets here and join us on 26 September to celebrate the UK’s finest innovators from the Energy arena. Fingers crossed we bring the awards home!

To see the full shortlist, view here.

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TPS & partners take Automotive Power Electronics to the next level! £1.3M received by UK Gallium Nitride consortium for GaNTT project

TPS enters Vertical GaNTT consortium to advance Automotive Power Electronics

Hybrid and full Electric vehicles represent one key area where stakeholders from the automotive industry are increasingly concentrating their efforts to produce more efficient and cost-effective components, such as DC-DC converters. To support multiple stakeholders and advance the UK’s automotive sector, TPS has taken a collaborative role in the vertical GaNTT project led by the Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC).

This visionary project has received £1.3m funding from the OLEV (the Office for Low Emission Vehicles) through “The road to zero emission vehicles” competition. We will be working alongside CSC and other partners from the power electronics supply chain such as Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult, Newport Wafer Fab and SPTS Technologies. The consortium will also receive academic support in the power systems arena from the University of Swansea and Coventry University.

Wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors such as Gallium Nitride (GaN) are becoming one of the prevailing technologies in delivering more cost-effective, compact, lightweight and efficient power electronics systems for automotive applications such as Electric Vehicles. These facilitate outstanding system performance levels and can lead to lower lifetime costs compared to standard silicon.

Through GaNTT (Realisation of a mass manufacturable Vertical GaN Trench FET architecture), we aim to drive the development of a new process platform to advance Automotive Power Electronics where GaN is a core element. This voltage-scalable vertical GaN process platform (200V – 600V) will be suitable for, amongst others, Electric Vehicle applications and the resulting device will be evaluated in application as part of the project.

TPS will play an important role within the consortium as we will provide a Tier 1 automotive testing environment where we will assess prototype GaN devices against standard silicon by integrating them into a bidirectional DC-DC converter for EV.

Our vision is to deliver performance improvements that are in line with the Power Electronics Roadmap published by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). The roadmap sets challenging cost and efficiency targets for future power devices that couldn’t be met with conventional silicon-based technology. The 2035 targets for inverters and DC-DC converters are ambitious and will only be possible to reach using wide band gap (WBG) materials such as GaN.

Vertical GaN architectures are ideal for low to medium voltage and power applications such as On-board Charging (OBC) and DC-DC applications where higher switching speed is favoured. Our new ground-breaking GaNTT project outlines a clear route to meeting these targets through a UK-based supply chain.

This cross-cutting technology will not only be beneficial for automotive applications, but also suitable for the aerospace, defence and space sectors. The outcomes of GaNTT project will deliver the ambitious COx and NOx reduction targets set by the UK government and therefore will have a positive impact on important environmental challenges to the benefit of all UK citizens.

Dr. Nigel Jakeman, TPS Engineering & Business Development Director, commented:
“Vertical GaNTT can deliver a new generation of device that can see Gallium Nitride finally being adopted in higher power applications. We’re delighted to be part of the program and to be working with our partners, in particular to be assisting with delivery of the exciting semiconductor devices of the future.“

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Nigel Jakeman, Engineering & Business Development Director
+44 (0) 191 482 9240 /
Ioana Briciu, Marketing Assistant
+44 (0) 191 482 9278 /