TPS Wins Innovation Award

  TPS have won this year’s award for “Best Electricity Network Improvement” at the annual Energy Innovation Awards, organised by the Energy Innovation Centre. Held on the 30th April at Manchester Hilton Deansgate, these prestigious awards recognise pioneers of new technologies that can make significant contribution toward the UK achieving its goals for energy security […]

Turbo Power Systems develop ground breaking technology for flexible urban networks

About the Project and Challenges The UK faces an ever increasing demand for electrical power supply, especially in the areas of electric vehicle (EV) charging, PV panels for solar power and heat pumps, which is countermanded by the requirement to reduce the carbon footprint of electricity generation. Hence efforts to decarbonise energy generation, heat and […]

TPS – UK Energy Innovation Awards 2015 finalist

Turbo Power Systems (TPS) has been shortlisted as a finalist in UK Energy Innovation Awards 2015. This shortlist is a proof of TPS’s continued investment in developing cutting edge technology products for the energy sector. Organised by Energy Innovation Centre, the UK Energy Innovation Awards celebrate the projects, technologies and talent at the forefront of […]

Chicago Transit Authority 5000 Auxiliary Power Unit, A Success Story for TPS

At the start of the supplier selection process for the 5000 series cars, Chicago Transit Authority narrowed down potential APU suppliers from a worldwide source. This validation process was particularly detailed in the selection of manufacturers who could meet or indeed improve on the CTA specification. The supplier qualification process involved reviewing the design, pedigree […]

Saving money and going green, the TPS way

The majority of electricity consumed by TPS for test of its electrical products has, up to recent times, been burnt off as waste heat in load-banks. To address this, a novel power electronic converter capable of re-cycling this energy has been developed by TPS’ engineering team to reduce electricity consumption by up to 90%; significantly […]