Chicago Transit Authority 5000 Auxiliary Power Unit, A Success Story for TPS

At the start of the supplier selection process for the 5000 series cars, Chicago Transit Authority narrowed down potential APU suppliers from a worldwide source. This validation process was particularly detailed in the selection of manufacturers who could meet or indeed improve on the CTA specification. The supplier qualification process involved reviewing the design, pedigree […]

Saving money and going green, the TPS way

The majority of electricity consumed by TPS for test of its electrical products has, up to recent times, been burnt off as waste heat in load-banks. To address this, a novel power electronic converter capable of re-cycling this energy has been developed by TPS’ engineering team to reduce electricity consumption by up to 90%; significantly […]

Bombardier Order $3.4 Million New Units

Bombardier Transportation orders new auxiliary power units worth USD $3.4m. TPS has been a strategic supplier of Bombardier Transportation for over 7 years supporting their contract to supply trains to the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). TPS have already supplied Bombardier over 700 auxiliary power supply units which are a key part of a distributed power […]

Turning Waste Heat into Low Cost Electricity

Turbo Power Systems generator used to help turn waste heat into electricity. Click to read full article. Ref: Granite Power

Turbo power systems Hitachi trains

Japanese giant Hitachi is to move the headquarters of its lucrative rail business to Britain in what is seen as a pre-emptive bid to build the 180mph trains for the Government’s controversial £50billion HS2 line. Its corporate headquarters will switch from Tokyo to London – with a British executive rather than a Japanese national as […]