TPS are specialists in high-powered compact electrical generators that incorporate the benefits of power electronics and integrated machines, to satisfy a wide-range of new generation defense applications.
Defence Sector

Our highly skilled workforce are capable of innovating novel ways of delivery, such as pulse power applications, and the products can be tailored for specific smart grid and power challenges. Whether you’re looking for quiet power solutions for covert in-field operations or a lightweight and compact solution for in-service duty, be it land, sea or air based, we can help.

Specifically, we can support applications for controls, drives and high speed machines.

Case study

Since mid-2008 Turbo Power Systems have been involved in a defense program to develop a specialised high-speed generator capable of producing up to 1MW continuous output. To ensure compatibility with the downstream equipment fed from the generator, a customised fully-rated power conditioning system has been incorporated into the machine, including a local intelligent controller.

This fully integrated approach keeps the overall system as compact and lightweight as possible, resulting in an overall volume of less than 1 cubic meters and weighing less than 600 kg. The generator is designed to couple directly to the output shaft of a gas turbine engine, operating in excess of 20,000 rpm and has undergone a major validation programme to ensure performance and environmental compatibility thresholds are met.


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