Energy…one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is how to secure supply and utilise our limited resources and infrastructure with maximum efficiency. Turbo Power Systems can support the development of energy power solutions for the below applications with its experience in High Speed Electrical Machines and Power Electronics.

Energy Subsectors

Since the formation of our company, TPS has been focused on design and manufacture of products and systems that provide best utilisation of energy, whether that be through maximising efficiency of power conversion or innovating solutions to maximise the capacity of existing energy assets.

For example, our high efficiency, high power generators provide a cutting edge solution for high speed gas turbines whilst our innovative Grid Tied Inverters present viable alternatives to electricity distribution infrastructure upgrades required to enable the low carbon energy economy of the future.

Our approach of designing and manufacturing optimal electronic and electro-mechanical solutions to suit customer’s requirements ensures the best overall system efficiency, performance and cost-effectiveness for the entire through-life requirements of the installation.


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