Maximising the performance of Medium Scale Systems

converters for wind

TPS’ unique inverters are designed for outdoor use with features that simplify installation and minimise capital costs.

Key Product Features:

  • Active Rectifier Design
  • IP56 rated Outdoor Enclosure
  • Turbine start-up assist
  • Low Speed Energy Capture
  • Full Grid and Turbine side Protection
  • Automatic Over Voltage Protection
  • Generator load angle optimisation
  • Dynamic Ramp Rate Control
  • Wide range of control options available

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The inverters have a back to back converter design and software control which achieves the best Annual Energy Production (AEP). In addition, all necessary protections and filters are included to achieve a one box “Plug & Play” approach. There’s a flexible range of control and monitoring options to achieve full turbine integration and its remote programming aids setup and upgrades.

Furthermore, the advanced Smart Grid power control options improve local grid to aid connection – a key area which will help achieve the low carbon world vision.

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