The G89 Generator: A Gas Turbine Partner

G89 Generator

The G89 generator is designed to meet the requirements of the distributed power generation markets. Utilising a permanent magnet based design with a carbon fibre retaining system, the system is designed to operate reliability when directly coupled to a gas turbine engine. The generator employs active magnetic bearings to eliminate wear and thus provide maintenance free operation of the rotating machinery. The connection is made to the turbine using an infinite life flexible disk element coupling and a torque tube to provide accurate alignment. The output from the generator is passed through a grid connected converter system to return power to the mains.

Key Product Features

  • 1.2MW nominal output from converter (at ISO conditions)
  • 23000rpm continuous operating speed
  • Water/glycol and air cooled
  • Active Magnetic Bearings
  • 110% overload capability
  • 25300rpm overspeed capability
  • Operation from -20°C to 50°C
  • 98.3% generator efficiency
  • >98% converter efficiency
  • Output Power Factor Range of 0.8 lagging to 1 to 0.9 leading
  • 530V 3-phase 50/60Hz output to mains

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