UK Energy Innovation Centre awards winner for “Losses Category” in 2017 competition and “Best Electricity Network Improvement” in 2015. Winner of the European Utilities “Industry Innovation Award”

2T Inverter

TPS’ award winning range of converters enable the creation of Soft Open Points on the Low Voltage Distribution Network to achieve a network that meets the needs of our low carbon future.

Key product features:

  • Connection of two or more substation supplies
  • Balances power in each substation feed
  • Balances power in each individual phase
  • Maintains supply voltage within statutory limits
  • Power Factor Correction to reduce loading
  • Reactive power support of the network

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The Power Electronic Devices (PED) are converters for smart grid reinforcement that enable the connection and capacity sharing of two or more substation supplies. They maintain the supply voltage within statutory limits, balance the power in each substation feed and in each individual phase to facilitate Distributed Generation and Low Carbon Technologies.

Our Dual Terminal device allows power flows of up 240 kVA between two street substations and the Tri Terminal device 400 kVA between three substations. This approach makes use of spare capacity at existing substations rather than building new capacity to facilitate Distributed Generation and Low Carbon Technologies.

The PED achieves bi-directional transfer of power between loads and distributed generation and thus the resultant network becomes ‘smart’ with the equalisation of load between transformers and improved response to changes in voltage.

TPS’ Dual and Tri-Terminal converters were installed in various sites across London and Brighton.