Industrial… even the largest companies in the world are looking to improve how they manufacture their goods, often looking for higher efficiencies, higher through-put, improved quality and lower plant down-time.

Turbo Power Systems products give the industry the tools needed to achieve these goals and can be utilized for the below applications.

Industrial subsectorsTurbo Power Systems’ specialist design capabilities means that we can meet challenging performance criteria and provide integrated solutions to achieve unsurpassed performance at the lowest cost. We succeed by maintaining a close working relationship with the customer to understand the application and environment to be able to integrate the product at the lowest cost but with the best performance output.

We offer a variety of products that are highly reliable, have a compact footprint and low noise output, and can provide our services from design through to manufacture. Should you require something not listed below, please get in touch as we would love to explore a new project with you.


Typical areas where our products and systems could be used to their full advantage include;

  • High speed direct connected motors and variable frequency drives for air / gas compression and blowers
  • Multi-megawatt direct connected motors and drives for industrial gas processing
  • Medium voltage motors for electrical submersible and sub-sea oil and gas pumping
  • Specialist power supplies used e.g. in metal cutting where precise control of high voltage is required

Our close customer engagement programme helps us to understand and deliver integrated products and systems which are highly efficient, often designed to continuously run for many years with minimal or no maintenance in very challenging environments yet still at a price and through life cost which is lower than that of conventional technologies.

We are experienced in customizing our solutions according to the customers requirements, so feel free to give us call or send an email and we can discuss this further.