Highly efficient, high power, high speed machines; motors and generators

1.2MW Generator

TPS design and manufacture superior performance motors to meet the challenging requirements of high speed compressors. We have a proven track record of high speed motor and generator systems with a comprehensive suite of permanent magnet based 1MW class electric machines (motors and generators) operating in the speed range of 16,000rpm to 23,000rpm. These utilise the latest in magnetic bearing technology to deliver oil free, frictionless and low vibration operation.

In our experience, the use of a Permanent Magnet high-speed generator and a specifically designed power converter will exceed the efficiency achievable when using the conventional approach. For example, our 23,000 rpm 1.2 MW system, will operate at a net 96% efficiency, including both the generator and its power converter.

TPS’ motors and generators provide the following benefits:

  • Much smaller and lighter generator combined with the flexibility in installation, relative location and cooling of the power converter
  • No gearbox maintenance, vibration, lubrication or troubleshooting issues
  • Very high output power quality
  • Excellent transient response
  • Variable-speed capability
  • Far superior part-load performance
  • Engine starting capability, dependent on engine type

For larger power applications, these benefits remain, and over the next ten years we expect to see widespread adoption of high-speed direct-drive machines up to 10MW and potentially above.

Permanent Magnet machines are also usually more power dense, thus reducing the physical size of the motor. In many applications the adoption of Permanent Magnet technology has already proven very attractive, especially where there are other benefits which improve the payback analysis. In particular, where a gearbox was traditionally used in conjunction with a VFD and an induction motor, it makes for a much better solution to eliminate the mechanical gearbox and operate the motor at the speed of the pump, fan or compressor. For high-speed turbo-compressors, the use of a direct-drive Permanent Magnet motor has proven to be highly desirable, not just for efficiency reasons, but also for reliability, elimination of maintenance costs and ease of implementation. Where the motor and compressor operate ‘inside’ the working fluid, friction-less bearing technologies are employed to avoid the use of contaminating lubricants and/or wear in the bearings.

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