Turbo Power Systems (TPS) design and manufacture a wide range of Auxiliary Power Supply units with varying input and output voltages. In addition to the specific products in our portfolio we have experience in modifying these for clients all over the world for all rail platforms, as can be seen below.

16.9kVA/13.5kW London Underground Central Line

Platform: Metro

TPS - APU for London Underground Central Line metro

Metro LU Central Line – Technical Specification


28kVa Static Converter – Chiltern Railways

Platform: Light Rail

Static Converter

Motor Alternator Replacement that delivers 15% efficiency improvement and potential to save over £1m

Chiltern Railway Technical Specification


40kVA Air Conditioning Power Supply

Platform: Light Rail

Air Conditioning Inverter

Air Con Power Supply Technical Specification


27kVA /16kW John F. Kennedy Airport – Air Train

Platform: Light Rail


JFK Technical Specification


65kVA /16kW Beijing Airport Express

Platform: Light Rail

CTABeijing Airport Express Technical Specification


45kVA /5kW Ankara (Turkey) Metro’s M1 line

Platform: Mass Transit


Ankara Technical Specification


45kVA /10kW Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) 5000 Series Cars

Platform: Mass Transit


CTA Technical Specification


55kVA / 14kW Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

Platform: Metro


MARTA Technical Specification


40kVA / 10kW Scomi, Kuala Lumpur

Platform: Mass Transit – Monorail


SCOMI Technical Specification


30kVA /11kW Sao Paulo Expresso Tiradentes (SPET) & King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD)

Platform: Mass Transit – Monorail

Sao Paulo

SPED and KAFD Technical Specification


60kVA/12kW Toronto Rocket, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

Platform: Metro


TTC Technical Specification


52kVA/9kW Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) H6 Series

Platform: Metro

APU Toronto H6

TTC H6 Technical Specification

6kW Air-conditioning Inverter for London Underground District Line

Platform: Metro

Inverter for Mass Transit LUL

Mass Transit LUL Specification


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