Reliable Charging Solutions For Train Batteries

Suitable for Diesel Multiple Units

Different types of batteries are used to support the low voltage standby and emergency circuits in trains. To obtain the longest life and minimum watering periods from these batteries, the charging voltage needs to be controlled within close limits.

The Low Voltage Power Supply was developed to provide a stable DC output voltage, across a range of supply variations. This supply feeds all of the car LVDC loads as well as charging the back-up batteries. High frequency switching techniques are used to provide low ripple, low weight and a compact assembly.


  • Light, compact and rugged design
  • Compatible with any battery type e.g. NiCds, LiFePO, LA
  • High reliability
  • Proven i.e. > 500 units in service
  • Low audible noise
  • Excellent output voltage stability and low voltage ripple
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to naturally air cooled design
  • Best in class safety with over voltage and battery over temperature detection and shutdown
  • Immune to voltage transients
  • Fully compliant to UK Rolling Stock and Network Rail Standards
  • Fault Diagnostics and Condition Monitoring Software

The equipment is ruggedly constructed to withstand the severe under floor environment and the design techniques used provide good reliability in operation. Multiple units can be operated in parallel to achieve higher current output or provide redundancy of operation.

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Currently, there are more than 600 units successfully operating in various fleets across the UK including; Abellio Greater Anglia, Abellio ScotRail, CrossCountry, First TransPennine Express, London Midland and Chiltern Railways.